Nan Callender-Price, RN, MA

Toasted chicken salad sandwich with chips.

Chef Beverly does an incredible job from start to finish: “Special Day Cooking” is fun and engaging, providing developmentally challenged novice cooks with safe, easy-to-follow step-by step instructions for everyday recipes. To get started, the cookbook features “Helpful Hints” and “Preparing Plate Portions,” offering learners valuable tips and information about preparing meals and the recommendations for healthy food portions. The book is divided by breakfast, lunch and dinner, salads and soups, desserts, and drinks and snacks at the end. Recipes are very detailed and organized the same for consistency throughout the book with clean-up instructions at the end of each recipe. Every section provides a special area to list favorite recipes. The art and graphics are fun and eye catching. Beverly knows her target audience well and has thought of everything to help them learn the life skill of cooking for themselves and others, boosting their self confidence along the way. I highly recommend “Special Day Cooking” for people with developmental challenges.

Nan Callender-Price, RN, MA
Executive Director, Continuing Nursing Education
Gannett Education

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