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Chicken rice soup with bread stick

Smoothie made with strawberries and bananas isolated on white background

Hot Dog and Chips


Special Day Cooking is a collection of delicious everyday recipes, with safe, easy to follow step-by-step directions that can be completed “in less than 1 hour”.

Special Day Cooking was written to help people with developmental challenges become independent in the kitchen. Whether you are living at home, in a group home or on your own, Special Day Cooking provides the tools to be independent or part of a team. Special Day Cooking chefs have the ability to prepare dinner, pack their own lunch, and bring a goodie to a social event. Cooking involves so many aspects of life; it is creative, builds social skills, fosters teamwork, encourages self-confidence and is a fun activity to do with family and friends.


Special Day Cooking is a process that I developed while teaching my life skills cooking classes. It is a repetitive, consistent, step-by-step approach that has proven successful with many students I have taught over the years. Each recipe is on one two page format with large print. No small recipe cards to try and figure out. Beginner recipes include: pudding, scrambled eggs, salads, sandwiches and many more… with more involved recipes expanding on these basics.


All the recipes in Special Day Cooking are adapted to a microwave, blender, or toaster to avoid open flames. Plastic knives are used in place of sharper alternatives. In the front of the book you will find helpful hints and a nutritional guide.

……………… Here’s a Look at a Typical Recipe …………

Easy Hummus