September’s “Helpful Hint” – Cutting Boards ….


There are so many types of cutting boards. There are pretty boards, boards with our favorite sport’s team logo (not my favorite), boards with themes, boards in animal shapes (I have a cat), etc.  Some have feet, some have a rubber backing, some don’t have a backing at all, some are acrylic, some are made of wood, etc… etc….  Most of these boards are just not practical. If you are learning to cook, you want a safe board, one that will not slip away from you when you are cutting and can be cleaned easily.

The boards with rubber feet work fairly well but they sit higher off the counter and things can roll under the board. They’re not very comfortable to work on and are difficult to wash.

The best cutting boards I have found, for myself and for students, are boards with a rubber backing. The rubber backing helps the board stay put as you safely slice and dice. They lay flat on the counter,  which students find easier to use.  They’re also easier to clean.  (Clean up is always part of the “learning to cook” process with me :-)   You can just put it in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning.

I had a hard time finding a board with a rubber backing and not too small. Finally, I  found one on line by Betty Crocker. It’s $16.95 and can be purchased at It’s called “The Gripper”.






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