Lazy Days of Summer?


Where are those lazy days of summer?  Once you become an adult, (which you can’t wait for when you’re a kid), those lazy days are gone! There is always stuff to do. Things you put off until the summer because you will have soooo much time to do everything. And you want to take the kids on those fun outings which you will always cherish and because you want them to remember those wonderful lazy days of summer.

During the school year I can’t wait for summer. I imagine all the things I want to do and the things I should do and promise myself I will do AND have time to relax..  And here it is mid-July and the summer is flying by. (The summer seemed so much longer when I was 10.)  But thank goodness for summers even though I couldn’t possibly finish everything, I do have time to read a book and try out some new recipes. And it’s more relaxing then getting up at 6AM. I hope you are having fun and relaxation in between the to do stuff.

iStock_000017418986Medium Here is a fun fact for the kids:

“The largest chocolate bar was made in March 2000 in Italy.  It weighed over 5,000 pounds.

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