July’s “Helpful Hint” – Knives and Cutting ….

Zyliss Lettuce KnifeKnives can be so scary and very hard to use safely.  In Special Day Cooking we use plastic knives.  They really do work!

Most of the time when we are making a salad we buy a bag of cut up lettuce. It’s not only safer but it’s faster and gives that instant gratification (which we all love) of  making a salad quickly. If we have the time or are practicing cutting we will use a plastic lettuce knife. They are light and the handle is large enough to hold easily.  It’s also safer at clean up time. With a plastic knife, a slip of the knife doesn’t leave a bloody mess and a frightened student or teacher :(.

For cutting tomatoes – First, I always buy Plum tomatoes and we use a small plastic knife.  Plum tomatoes are easier to hold when cutting and the small plastic knife fits perfectly over the tomato when slicing. I have tried using the lettuce knife to cut tomatoes but the  serrated blade is too thick to slice the tomato smoothly.

And remember to “saw, saw, saw” when cutting – don’t push your knife, it makes it harder to cut.

FYI:   Wal Mart, Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond all carry the lettuce knife but the best price was on Amazon. I only paid around $4-5.00 for mine.



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