August’s “Helpful Hint” – Cracking an Egg ….

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One of the first things I do when I start a new class is bring in a box of eggs. Yup, we are cracking eggs today. Whenever you are adding an egg in a recipe this is the way to crack an egg so you won’t have any shells in your cooking.  I tell them that even the best of cooks can have a piece of shell fall into the ingredients occasionally.

So, each student gets one small bowl and I put a large bowl in the middle of the table. I explain that first you crack your egg on the side of the small bowl, slip the egg into the small bowl and check for shells. Remove any shells they may have fallen into your bowl and then pour your egg into the large bowl.

It quickly becomes apparent who needs help :)  For that student, I hold their hand and crack with them. This way they can get the feel of how to crack the egg. It may take a few eggs but they always get it. Repetition, patience and laughter is the key and learning with friends is always more fun. There’s giggling (very important), a bit of a mess (easily cleaned up) and comments; gross, yuk, look at yours, and my favorite, “can I do another one”.

The picture above is Emily. Emily and I have been cooking together for many years and she is wonderful. She loves to cook and has become quite a chef. Here she is demonstrating to another student how to crack an egg for the lemon bars they are making. Perfect as always, Emily, and the lemon bars tasted delicious! Thanks!!


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